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Study tour in Jiangsu , first station in Changzhou city

Du you guys remember last September when the students from Coomera Anglican College came to Jiangsu to have their nice study tour? This September, another group of the same college came again! Coomera Anglican College was found in 1997, located in the north of Golden Coast, currently it has almost 1400 students. ‘Imagination, listen and respect’ is the value of the college and it focus on teaching Chinese culture classes.

The first station is China Dinosaur Park in Changzhou city which occupies the top among the Asian theme parks. When they took the first step into the Research Center of Dinosaur’s DNA, all t he guys was surprised by this place, it looked like a real Jurassic Park, the dream of discovering dinosaurs came true! In fact, all the research center was took 3 years to build it, the team used the most advanced technology and brought a real, different experience to visitors. 

Except the jungle adventure, they can also choose hiking here, which was called ‘Walk Through’. Even they can see how a dinosaur was born! So amazing the experience never before! After researching the dinosaur, students came to hug the amusement park where had the one of the four most famous roller coasters in the world. How beautiful the day and the study trip was!