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‘Beautiful China, Wonderful Culture’ Oceania-China culture and tourism promotion activity in Brisbane

On the evening of August 26th, delegation of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic  of  China celebrated successfully ‘Beautiful China, Wonderful Culture’ Oceania-China culture and tourism promotion activity in Brisbane stamford plaza hotel Ballroom. Many local tourist agencies have a deep and joyful talk with presents from all over the China: Shanghai, Beijing, Anhui, Hubei, Guangxi, Chongqing...etc

The present guest are Consul general of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Brisbane--Xu Jie, deputy consul Xu Xinglong, Queensland constituency congressman Representative Peter Russell and Duncan Peggy, Brisbane City Council representative Pei Marx, Representative of the Federal Games and Tourism Industry Innovation Development Department Jeffrey McAlice, Representative of the Brisbane Parliament and Mayor Huang Wenyi. The deputy director general of  Bureau of international exchange and cooperation of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic  of  China Li Yaying, Xu Jie and Huang Wenxi made a wonderful opening speech.

Li Yaying said that China had variety of tourist resources as same as Australia. The two countries had contacted and cooperated more and more closely, especially recently years, the number of tourists between the two countries has soared. Queensland as the top tourist resource of Australia, its abundant culture always attracted tourists all over the world. China had a vast territory, a long history, beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery. Nowadays, we were dedicating to promote corresponding hardware facilities. With the activity, we could explore the direction of cooperation together, build a plat of tourist and cultural cooperation and deepen the friendship of two countries.

 The wonderful Chinese traditional performance in the conference brought a different experience for all the present guest, the activity ended within lasting applause.