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Let's celebrate the Lantern Festival!

The festival, which falls on Tuesday, is the 15th day of the first month in the lunar calendar. The hanging of lanterns is a traditional activity to celebrate the event.

Chinese people likes to arrange different food for every festival, such as: moon cake for Mid-Autumn Festival, rice dumpling for Dragon-Boat Festival, and this time, sweet dumpling for Lantern Festival.

Enjoy the Lanterns is the most important activity in Lantern Festival, especially the Qinhuai lantern show in Nanjing. The show set up 8 lantern districts and some public areas, in the form of lighting, to create a city decorated lights, festive and peaceful Chinese New Year flavor. Except the exhibition, there is another hundreds of meters of Lantern market: imperial lantern, animal head lantern, trotting horse lamp, flower lantern...etc

In addition, guess lantern riddles and row lan boat are also very popular between the local. The Lantern Festival is also the traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day, so we think this festival is the moest romantic festival of the year!