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Happy Chinese New Year!

From February 5 to 10, Jiangsu people have celebrated the Chinese Spring Festival excitedly. Let’s see them how to spend their meaningful holiday! Nanjing’s local was looking forward to visit lantern shows besides the Qinhuai River. This activity has a long history, since early six dynasties, local people was used to watch lanter shows with their family in Lantern Festival(The fifteenth day of the first lunar month) On January 28, a diameter 1.2m and tall 0.8m enormous lotus lantern with 1700 petals was placed in Qinhuai scenic spot, it carried the local’s blessing and wishes for the New Year.

In Changzhou, all the scenic spots were decorated meticulously. The Chinese dinosaur park looked like a real castle, variety kinds of dinosaur walked around the visitors, interacting with visitors. Except the park, 2019 Changzhou Lantern show would last 107 days, you can enjoy the beautiful show closely.

Yangzhou, Xuzhou, Taizhou...every city of Jiangsu welcomed the Chinese new Year in their own way!