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Huaiyang cuisine --- Nanjing impressions

Nanjing impressions restaurant is known for its classic and traditional taste. This Saturday they will open classes  for parents and children for learning to make local snacks: roast duck steam bun and rice cake.

Nanjing impressions was founded in 1994, and in the last 20 years and more they have been totally committed to creating a culinary ambience of quality good food in heritage surroundings. Enjoy a unique common folks happily dined to the warm welcome of friendly waitresses and well-skilled lady chefs. 

Except Monday, everyday the restaurant will set up classes of makeing some traditional Chinese snacks. Especially, when the Chinese festival comes, they will create corresponding classes, such as: moon cake for Mid-Autumn Festival, sweet dumplings for Lantern Festival, rice dumplings for Dragon Boat Festival...

This Saturday they will teach children to make roast duck steam bun, there is a saying goes, no duck can escape from Nanjing alive, it’s the No 1 popular food between local people. Steam bun represents the Huaiyang cuisine, the restaurant combines two delicacy together, how creative!