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Brisbane Promotion seminar: invite you to visit Jiangsu in Warm Spring!

On March 6 evening, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism (Australia) Promotion center with China Southern Airlines Queensland department, the biggest travel agency Mw Tours , Air Ticket Agency CTG company, and other principals of local companies held the Brisbane Promotion seminar successfully!

The principal of China Southern Airlines Mr.Zang, Eva Zheng of Promotion Center, Steve from CTG company and Navy Wang of Mwtours, the four used some brief words as the beginning of the seminar.

A video perfectly introduced how Jiangsu beautiful is, all the guests were amazing about this. Do you know what’s the meaning of the two character ‘Jiang’ and ‘Su’? The host asked to the present. ‘Jiang’ means Yangtze River and ‘Su’ means rice and fish, the most typical crops of this abundant province before.

Do you remember the students from Gold Coast, Australia last September? They visited South Mountain Bamboo Sea and said hello to the most lovely pandas, they had kungfu class, opera facial painting class and so on. In Nanjing, the students climbed 392 steps to Dr. Sun Yanset ‘s Mausoleum, and see what’s meaning ‘people mountain people sea’ in Confucius Temple.

Lots of wonderful activities attracted the present guests, on June Australia group will come to Jiangsu China to start their great exploration tour!