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Jiangsu Tourism promotion activity was held successfully in November, 2018

Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism (Australia) Promotion Center held the promotion activity successfully with the support of China Southern Airlines on November 20, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia.

China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. is directly affiliated with China Southern Air Holding Company Ltd., specializing in air transportation services, the headquarters are based in Guangzhou. China Southern Airlines possesses the largest fleet and the most developed route network, and offers the largest passenger capacity among any airline in the People's Republic of China. In September of 2018, they gave a large support to the Jiangsu study tour activity.

During the formal dinner, our promotion center prepared tea art teaching which made the audience interested in. Then they had chance to taste authentic huaiyang style dishes: Yangzhou fried rice, pork meat patties, sweet and sour mandarin fish......Except so many delicious Jiangsu food, the highlights were also popular, such as: South Mountain Bamboo sea of Changzhou, private gardens of Suzhou, Dr. Sun yatsen ‘s mausoleum of Nanjing...

After the promotion, many agents said that they would like to travel to China again, especially Jiangsu province where they thought as the next destination. Attached is the list of guests.