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Getting around Jiangsu

Getting around Jiangsu 

There are first-rate bus and high-speed train links within the province as well as some boats on the Yangtze and other waterways.

Within Jiangsu there is Nanjing Lukou International Airport; a major airport serving the Yangtze River Delta area with international flights from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Germany。

Coming to Jiangsu from Shanghai’s two international airports is also very convenient with extensive links via subway and high speed railway to Jiangsu Cities all accessible within three hours. 


Within Jiangsu there are 9 airports including Wuxi, Yancheng and Nanjing International airport. The airports are safe with modern facilities and all airports of Jiangsu have excellent national and provincial highway systems that allow convenient access for air travelers. Taxis, shuttle bus, and other public transportations are easily accessible from airports and are connected to quality hotels, streets, and attractions. 

Air tickets can be purchased from a variety of sources such as hotel receptionists, air traffic agencies and the Internet. Prices for domestic flights are set at standard rates, but discounts are common, especially on the busier routes due to competition among airlines. Most quality hotels will have a travel ticket service and will be able to get you a good airfare.

Air Travel web Links 

Nanjing Lukou International  (

Wuxi Shuofang Airport (

Yangzhou Taizhou Airport (

Changzhou Airport (

Yancheng Nanyang International Aiport(

Lianyungang Aiport  (

Ctrip Online Travel Agents (


Jiangsu enjoys excellent high speed train links with connections to more than 40 large cities of Jiangsu.  Fast rail links include links to cities such as  Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Yangzhou, Taizhou and Nantong. Just remember A valid ID certificate is required when buying a ticket and boarding a train and only buy tickets from official channels. 

Railway Website Links 

12306: the only official website of the Chinese Ministry of Railways: (Chinese)

China highlights English website for China Train Travel

Bus & Coach

All over Jiangsu there is an extensive long-distance bus (coach) network. Prices are very reasonable and many stations have English Signage and announcements but there are not many ticket clerks that understand English so it is best to write down where you want to go before you go to buy your tickets. 

Grand Canal 

Grand Canal of China is the world’s longest and oldest canal with a length of 1,795 km.

The earliest completed section of the canal is the route between Yangzhou, a city of Jiangsu, to Yangtze River. It was done during the later Spring and Autumn Period in Chinese history (722-481 BC).

Major cities that the canal passes through in Jiangsu Province include:

Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou- Danyang -Zhenjiang-Yangzhou-Gaoyou-Huai’an-Qingjiang-Suqian-Yunhe-Xuzhou