Local cuisine culture

Classical cuisine in Xuzhou

Xuzhou has a long history in gourmet culture. Pengzu, the founder of Dapeng State, is  considered as the originator of Chinese cooking. The legend is that in the reign of Emperor Yao (prehistorical age), Pengzu was granted a fief for his fine cooking of wild chicken soup. Pengzu set up Dapeng State in the present Xuzhou area, Xuzhou cooking carries forward the traditional Pengzu style with fine craftsmanship and local flavour. A special feature of Xuzhou cooking is that each dish has its own tale or legend.

Pengzu Park/Mashi Street Sha soup/Lianglaifeng Time -- Honored Boutique shop/Famous Chinese Snacks.

Pengzu Park, in the southern suburbs of Xuzhou, is built in memory of Pengzu, primogenitor of Xuzhou Surrounded by hills and rivers and boasted tranquil environment, it attracts a large number of tourists to worship and have sightseeing here.

Fish in Lamb Chunks

 As suggested by the name, people put fish inside the lamb chunks and stew it slowly. It happens that “鲜” the Chinese character for “delicious” is a combination of fish and lamb. The left half is the character of fish, the right lamb.

Baked Cake

Baked cake is the unique pastry of Xuzhou, which is made of unfermented flour. It is as thick 0.1cm with diameter of 30cm. It tastes soft and tough.

Ground Work

Fish, chicken and meat are placed in an iron pan, which is then heated over a wooden fire resting on a stove made from earth. When the pan is boiling, flour patties are added to the rim of the pot and cooked alongside the meats.