Local cuisine culture

lovely fruits in the early summer

The beautiful spring is finished, lively summer is coming! Although the temperature doesn’t rise so quickly, we still can feel the atmosphere of summer. Today we bring some cute fruits which are representative the summer perfectly.

Every last ten-day of May, Dongshan loquat begins to appear on the market. Dongshan is a famous town and scenic area of Suzhou city. Plump pulp, small kernel and full juice, a little sour, mostly sweet, if you go to Dongshan town, you mustn’t miss it!

Except the loquat, waxberry is also popular. There are many different methods of eating this fruit, you can taste it directly, you also can put them in fridge for some thirty minutes, even you can add them into liquor, and you will get a bottle of wasberry wine! How amazing!

In another city of Jiangsu province ---- Taizhou, what kind of fruit can we taste? The answer is peach! The orchard is covering more than 300 mu area, it has nectarine, juicy peach, yellow peaches...etc. When you come to the garden, you will see such lovely and big peaches on the tree, and you will enjoy the process of picking them by yourself. The taste is undoubted great!